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Shurt where are you? superhero 2006-08-02
Ever since, shurt go to jakarta, we haven't heard any word from him. Hm...that's strange, from 'kampung' yang internetnya harus kayuh sepeda, moving into big city, malahan gak pernah nongol dia. Where are you shurt? Please have time to check us out okay.
Comments: 18

Shurt where are you? (superhero)

  • ShurTuGal_xXx, AKh... Leo juga? tgl 17 gw OL deh.. saing2...Mungkin...
  • Luisa, hmm.. "demote to peon" im not the only abusive one.
  • ForgottenLand, Shurttt loe ga lama maen lama2 copo lho ! maen sne ama kite2 sne gw ajarin wekwkew biar lo ga ketinggal... ntar di demote to peon lhoo klo uda ga jago so cpt maen okei. ^^
  • superhero, maenin smp ranking 2 donk....^_^
  • Luisa, maksudnya gua blg males main.
    iya rank 1 hasil main males²an mu. *dih belagu*
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, dah deh ga nyambung abissss!!!
  • intermu, maksudnya?
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, kpn gw ngomong males main?
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Hmmfff....
  • intermu, zzz rekki kapok maen scramble di reset. Kata lo lu juga dah males maen >,< Liar²! *finds shurt* OMG gimme2
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Hmm? kalo luisa tertawa puas dan udah kek gitu gaya bicaranya...pasti luisa ngalahin si rekki...(sooo.. easy...., it is a guess?) yg bener gw lum tembus 200
  • Luisa, duh that is so sad shurt.
    Tabah lah nak gua tunggu.
    Eh shurt.. tebak siapa ranking 1 scramble.
    *tertawa puas*
    Loe tembus 100 aja belum!
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, heuheu... bukannya apa tapi main sejenak treeetag offline melepas kerinduan... ciee....maklum... ga bisa OL T_T
  • superhero, u r so weird (ikutin katanya luisa). mo jadi polisi dewa, tapi maennya solo. hm.....
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, ...naik pangkat....jadi apa lagi yach... udah shaman... apa luisa mau berbaik hati ngasih chief? =p

    pengen nya juga main sih.... apa daya...terpaksa... main treetag di single player... ga ngelawan sapa" jadi pol ngga ngejer sapa" *hiks*
  • Luisa, WANTED Shurtugal_xxx Dead/alive. Reward: Naik pangkat.
  • Luisa, Kyaaa shurttt.. kangen >.<
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Huehuehue... ada aktris dicari keberadaanya.../gg gw ga bisa main deh untuk seenara ±2 bulan..... untuk weekdays nya... weekend gw usahain... klamaan ga main 3tag bikin otak ga jalan....>.<

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And so it begins..... superhero 2006-08-01
Hello all, ....

My name is superhero, founder of clan T2GM. I dedicated this website for our clan, T2GM, the best tree tag clan in Bnet Indogamers Server (before you critize about who is the best, hm..., hei this is my website, i can write anything i want you know. If you think, your clan is better, than just cr8 your own website okay !%?!.) Here, you can find lots of information about tree tag and about our clan T2GM, lots of great maps and interesting replays. Just run through all the sections, and i guarantee your time will not be wasted here. For members of clan T2GM, please don't get lazy, and sign up yourself, will you. This is one of the mean for us to communicate among clan member.
Comments: 6

And so it begins..... (superhero)

  • MimiHitam, congratulation! dapat tiket nginap di hotel void berbintang 5! (menggunakan spoofer). ada printscreen di forum! met nginap selama2nya = permanen!
  • MimiHitam, tes ^^
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Number three is a lucky number 4 tree tag players... coz 3=three=tree /GG
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Number three is a lucky number 4 tree tag players... coz 3=three=tree /GG
  • Luisa, yah no2..
    gpp lah some u win some u lose
  • superhero, horray. No 1.

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