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And so it begins..... superhero 2006-08-01
Hello all, ....

My name is superhero, founder of clan T2GM. I dedicated this website for our clan, T2GM, the best tree tag clan in Bnet Indogamers Server (before you critize about who is the best, hm..., hei this is my website, i can write anything i want you know. If you think, your clan is better, than just cr8 your own website okay !%?!.) Here, you can find lots of information about tree tag and about our clan T2GM, lots of great maps and interesting replays. Just run through all the sections, and i guarantee your time will not be wasted here. For members of clan T2GM, please don't get lazy, and sign up yourself, will you. This is one of the mean for us to communicate among clan member.
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And so it begins..... (superhero)

  • MimiHitam, congratulation! dapat tiket nginap di hotel void berbintang 5! (menggunakan spoofer). ada printscreen di forum! met nginap selama2nya = permanen!
  • MimiHitam, tes ^^
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Number three is a lucky number 4 tree tag players... coz 3=three=tree /GG
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Number three is a lucky number 4 tree tag players... coz 3=three=tree /GG
  • Luisa, yah no2..
    gpp lah some u win some u lose
  • superhero, horray. No 1.

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  AoS (DotA, EotA, LotP, AoM, dsb)
  Fun, Wide-spaced Hero Arena (Anime Fight, Duel Arena, Angel Arena, dsb)
  Serious, Narrow-spaced Hero Arena (Fate/stay night, Fate/another. dsb)
  Hero Defense (X-hero, War in Northland, dsb)
  Tagging Game (3Tag, Sheep Tag, dsb)
  Mini games of Team vs Team w/ heroes doing challenges (No example)
  Survival Game [Creep wave dtg, hero gak blh mati, kalo smuanya mati kalah] (No example)

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