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 Post subject: a webdota story
PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 11:59 pm 
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The orphan of Scourge

"Give me another chance, please?"

The Obsidian destroyer stay still like statue in his favorite place; a ruins two meter high. He looks great up there, like a fierce winged lion statue, with moon light strengthen his rough body.

His name is Jazrul, one of gargoyle statues which blessed with soul by the Lich King. Like other Obsidian Destroyers, he posses deadly magics. Unlike other Obsidian Destroyers, Jazrul accompany me and teach me many things, and care for me beyond his responsibilities.

My name is Lethe, an orphan from faceless void tribe which picked by the Lich King. I stand like most intellectual creatures, which people call 'humanoid' but my body color is purple, My fingers are big and long, and my face looks like a kind of insect. I'm Jazrul's apperentice, every orphans of faceless void tribe live and learn with an Obsidian Destroyer, so someday we could pay Lich King's kindness, by destroying his enemies.

Jazrul teaches me about fighting; attacking and defending. But my attacking skills never satisfy him, it's below average, and every attempts he made for fixing it failed. I had wastes all his patience, I think that's why he sat up there.

"Let's try once again master," I pleaed.

"Useless," answers him wth deep and hard voices, like there are rocks filled his throat.

Jazrul stands up and then fly away, leaving me without saying anything else. We needed in war but I still can't fight well. Jazrul must be coming to Lich King's throne to report his unability and then I will get another Obsidian Destroyer as my new master.

I stay there for the whole night, thoughts flowing and circling inside my head. Other Obsidian Destroyer aren't as nice as Jazrul, they forced their apperentices, no food or sleep if the day's targets aren't accomplished, also with punishment and threats. They don't even care if their apperentice died in training. But their attempts created fierce and strong warriors, I don't know should I envy or satisfy. Jazrul doesn't appear until the next morning and I fall asleep.

At the afternoon I woke up because hearing wingflaps of an Obsidian Destroyer, far before the creature looked clear in my eyes. From sounds I heard at least there are two Obsidian Destroyers and seven other creatures coming into my direction. I stand calm altough my mind questioning their purposes, especially after I saw one of them is Jazrul.

"This is our team now, Lethe," says Jazrul after he get close enought. Jazrul introducing them one by one but I don't really pay attention towards it. It is sure that I should go to the battlefield soon, but why with this large party? Is this a part of my training and Jazrul wants to see their responses towards my weakness?

Day after day in frontline but I still don't get Jazrul's reasons, also we never fight any enemies. Our foes; the sentinels hid inside forests so Lich King order us to camp in forest borders, Fighting inside sentinel's forests might become disaster because the sentinels got their power from the nature and Lich King doubt we could match it.

Our food stock depleted because of wrong calculation. Right now we are lack of foods while can't ask for help to base. We starts fighting and blaming each others and then Jazrul left us without saying anything. Our fights becomes more intense and uncontrolable especially in nights.

I don't know exactly how long time had passed since Jazrul leaving, but time move so slow for faceless void kin, and becomes longer because I'm starving. Jazrul come back with plenty of foods, our team stare in disbelief for a moment before their happiness fills the air. I pick foods for myself and sit with the others, not far from us Jazrul sat like a statue above a rock-- seems it is a pose he took everytime he thinking of something important.

The next day Jazrul had changed into a real statue, his soul already taken away from his petrified body. Maybe he stole those foods yesterday, so Lich King punish him. Faces of my team filled with anger and hatred, except myself-- because faceless void don't had exceeded emotions like those, also we tends to not let loose emotions.

I don't waste any second and took the leadership. I had the most right to revenge and I can lead their path because my unmatched defence. At first they disagree, but they obey my command to enter the forest when seeing the flames of hell inside my eyes.

Day by day passing. How much we had killed, I don't know. What I know all of these aren't, stilln't enought to avenge Jazrul's death. We gone deeper to the forest, unfriendly magics surround us from those trees, and we got many wounds but I don't felt tired, we aren't tired yet.

Can't find anymoer sentinel, we decides to take a rest. All tiredness seems blow to surface and overwhelm me. I lay into a tree and gazing to the sky between the forest's canopy. For awhile I felt so empty but my awereness wake my fighting spirit and erase the stupid feeling. Sentinels had surrounded us! How could I didn't notice earlier?

I stand up and survey our surroundings, just like my teammates do. It seems all of our opponents are spellcasters. If they're fast enought, they could defeat half of us-- those which weak to magic-- before we could engage them in close battle.

I tell my teammates to spread quickly. Lightning bolts struck one of us, the life stealer, and he can't stand up anymore. They aren't too clever, only targeting one of us, in a few seconds we would arrive in front of their noses and they won't had anymore chances to react.

I collide with something and fall to ground. A lightning bolt strucks me but that doesn't stop me from standing up and touch the transparent curved wall in front of me. looked around and find my teammates face the same problem. I tried to break it with my mace but nothing seems happen, the obsidian destroyer try to fly away but he failed because the wall also cover the sky above us.

Knowing their trap works, our enemies stopped their attacks and concentrate on bigger spells. I gather my teammates and attack one side of the spherical wall. Purple lightnings enter the wall with no troubles and throw us away. Those lightnings not dissapear and form deadly maelstorm inside this transparant cage.

We fall one by one, after useless efforts to destroy the unseen wall. I can survive longer than others but it's useless, I can't break this wall. I only can stand here, desperately can't do anything while my teammates fall and die. I let myself fall to ground and wait my death, but then I got an idea, I pretend to be dead.

Blood and corpses spreading stench when the maelstorm stops. I felt the urge to stand up and let out my hatred for my teammates death. I ignore the urge and keep pretending in the ground, waiting... waiting... and waiting... Every tick of time torturing me with stenches and hatred.

I hear foot steps approaching, it's like melody to my ear and my heart beats faster. For each steps the person made makes my strength and hatred grow bigger and bigger. When I know exactly the person is in front of me, my hatred errupted like a volcano inside my head, I jump up and hit him with my mace.

The silencer whom I hit lose his consciousness and fall to ground. His helmet worn off from his head, unable to protect him. I hit his unprotected head once again, and killed him. The other enemies panicly tried to defeat me with their magics, but they only wasting their manas, their magics are nothing compared to Jazrul's magics that strucks into my body during our training sessions.

Hatred overflow me with abundant energy and pleasure everytime my mace hit my enemies. I killed them one by one and laughting, enjoying the spree. Those who run, only survive for a few minutes since I Kept hunting and I'm a lot more faster without those annoying and stupid mage robes they use.

Only two more remains of them, from ten spell casters. I can hear their steps, I can imagine their despair, and I know they aren't far. I slowed my pace, saving my energy for torturing and killing them. Even I'm not running, I'm getting closer and closer to them. One of them wounded, maybe because falling, and I'm wondering why the other one doesn't leave for his own life.

So, I arrive in front of them and giving them no more chances to escape. They standing there, trying to be brave as possible with their shaking bodies shows their fear. A Holy Knight without his riding-wolf, trying to cover a Slayer with his vulnerable hands and robe.

"Why you don't run when you can?" points me to that holy knight.

"Because I love her," he answers, still try to be brave by collecting his useless magic power.

"What is love?" asks me curious with the new word.

The Holy Knight stare me in disbelief before answers.

"A feeling. A feeling to care other more than yourself. Why we must fighting each others when we can life together with love?"

"Lich King cares for me. I repay him by killing his enemies. I don't believe with love, you only trying to makes me forgive you!"

"Love means sacrifice and forgiveness."

I put down my mace and remembered Jazrul's death. I felt everything I had done meaningless compared to Jazrul's sacrifice and those... persistent love in my enemies eye.

The forest's scents aren't good for a scourge like me. I began to questioning unimportant things like my presence. But I can't stop thinking now and the warnings I was remember seems dissapear to the wilderness.

My duty... I fight for Lich King and my revenges. After I kill these people I will kill more untill there be no more sentinels. I'm sure about that but my certainity ceased away. What next? What could I do? My life dedicated for war, what I can do after that? Why I got no chance to learn anything else?

My mind distracted too long until when I realize, the Holy Knight's spell already blend with the forest's magic. I felt my soul being pulled to the forest and I can't fight it. I can't move even a bit, only can watch myself leaving my body. So is this what sunder feels like..?

When I had left my body, it felt like my soul flows with other life energies. Mysterious souls touch me and share odd and soothe feelings. I'm no longer feeling hatred or spirit to fight, for the first time I never feel so.. calm like this. A voice whisper that this feeling is called peace. That voice so familiar to me, it's Jazrul's voice. I forget everything I was thinking before, the battle and the Lich King, and try to search for the voice's source inside this vast strange new realm.

"Rest in peace scourge," I heard the Holy Knight's voice, seems from very far place. But I think he is wrong, I won't fall asleep, this is my next study sessions with master Jazrul.

Better weeping because differencies than locked behind a smilling mask. I am an artisan, I colors myself using the colors of my heart.

 Post subject: Re: a webdota story
PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:32 am 

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Another great sory by rosedragon^^wow ini bagus banged rose..gue suka baca fan fiction tentang warcraft..yg job nya kali ini berdasarkan dota(gk bs bayangin lho..ada 10 slayer yang pake laguna blade???omg..atau 10 holy knight dgn 10 hand of god) hahaha btw ditunggu lagi yah critanya rose..btw ini bkn crita bersambung y?

 Post subject: Re: a webdota story
PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:37 am 
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gmana ya.. dibilang bersambung yah ga juga... ada lanjutannya tp tanpa baca yg pertama jg ga masalah. Ato sebaliknya baca yg pertama doank ga baca lanjutannya ga masalah.

Lanjutannya menurut gw lbh bagus, soalnya bener2 my style. Ceritain ttg si chen yg merasa dikutuk sunder, jd paranoia gitu. Ga ada perang2nya tp lbh ke keadaan psikologis si chen.

Ini lanjutannya lg diketik, ntar minta tolong temen perbaikin grammer dllnya sebelum gw cek lagi terus dipost. Ditunggu ya.

Better weeping because differencies than locked behind a smilling mask. I am an artisan, I colors myself using the colors of my heart.

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