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 Post subject: [short story based on reallife] Witchdoctor (english)
PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 8:07 am 
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This one is very short.

I was going to drink when my mom turn on TV on news (which is not quiet too much) and fortunatlly giving out an interesting altough bad and unbelieveable news. If you want to know what is the real part of this story, read the epilogue, but I recommend you to read the story first before revealing which true which fiction hehe..

I took a few hours of not-even-serious-thinking-it for arranging the idea while multitasking with reading some books and listening to music. At last, I wrote it around 11:00pm yesterday and done it exactly on 11:55pm (ahahha, so I don't need to put this day date on the original text). So, I consider this as an easy made story. Enjoy anyway, I think this will makes you a bit thrilled.

The guy is digging his own grave as the witchdoctor enchancing scary spells. Five feet he had dug, the guy was hoping he would get abundant money inside the hole later, after the scary ritual over. He looked at the full moon and then to the witchdoctor, which gleaming like evil genie beneath the moonlight.

"Is this deep enought, master?"

"Yes, come out," answers the witchdoctor without seeing the hole and continue his ritual. After the guy came out, the witchdoctor give him a small black bottle. It seems like the bottle came out from nowhere, suddenly appear in the witchdoctor's hand. The guy fascinated again with the magics witchdoctor's possesed. 'Drink it," order the witchdoctor, his voice seems from other realm.

While the whole world is fascinated with technologies that advance every mili-second in giga to terrabytes size and distrust filling the atmosphere, in here the oldest, primitive, and foolish believe executted. The guy drank all the liquid from the bottle, never suspect the poison inside it. He even don't realize had been cheated when his body fall to ground.

The witchdoctor kick the guy to his own made grave and bury him alive. The guy starts to panic and try to scream but his voices only come as painful whispers. The witchdoctor evil mind dances in pleasure, singing the words 'foolish wealth pig'. How many victims now? Eight. How much money? Around nine hundred million rupiahs, included those cars he had sold, more than enought to escape and living as he wants. Those filthy and greedy people deserve the death, they already rich enought but they asked him to multiply their money, foolish enought to trust witchdoctor's two apperentices. Who cares about their family and children anyway.

The only person who not deserve the death might be the witchdoctor's master. Ah no, he deserves death after tricking the witchdoctor. He followed his master in years of suffering because the master promise him that he would be the happiest and wealthiest person in the world after the trainings are over. Of course the witchdoctor doesn't satisfy at the end of his trainings, because for him and most other people , wisdom isn't wealth and so, not a happiness. At least, the master teached him some magics.

His mind and strength outwitted his master and the fragile old guy die in his hands. As the blood running in his fingers, the darkness whispered him plans to make richness. The spell to multiply money doesn't exist but he had several magics to possess his apperentices little brain and fascinate his victims.

And now, his magic warned him. He knows exactly five days later one of his victim's family member will call polices. Time to erase his apperentices' memory and dissapear from this village. A job welldone two hours before the sun pursue every nocturnal demons and essences back to their hideout-- he wonders what kind of hideout they inhabit.

It is exciting to run fifty km per hour without feeling any tiredness, even his feet doesn't really touch the ground. Only a bit less exciting than seeing people knell and sacrificed their lives for him. Only a bit less exciting than seeing people plea in agony while he put soil above their body, while thinking how panic is their family when knowing their loved one had died because their ignorances.

The witchdoctor stops when the sun starts rising between mountains. His lips makes a grin that believes more confident than the sunshine. Unagree with his over-confidence, the earth open her mouth and dark hands pull him inside. The witchdoctor quickly reaches his magic power while also took the nearest vine of a tree.

Clever nocturnal demons, but I'm stronger, thinks the witchdoctor while his body slowly rise and move out from the blackhole. He were thinking about his multiple success when he seeing the sun. The sun seems spitting arrows at him. The yellow ray-arrows thurst and wound his body. The witchdoctor surprised and lose his concentration, causing him pulled to the black hole. The vine can't hold even a second while the witchdoctor struggles between pain from sunrays and dark hands that pulled him with supernatural power. His screams ignored while his tries of spells doesn't bring too much effects, slowly but sure he goes lower and lower. All the darkness and auras below tell him that he won't like things lie beyond there. His consciousness knows the place is far terrible than any nightmares and he won't able to comeback from there. For the first time, the witchdoctor felt fears conquer him. He keeps screaming, begging for help no one could give, no one even there to witness the odd event.

After the witchdoctor and his every remainings swallowed, the earth closed, not even let his screams escaping. The earth returning to her original form, like nothing ever happened there. The surrounding animals starts to do their business and birds singing their morning anthems, just like nothing scary ever happen there.

Now, the witchdoctor knows where every nocturnal demons hide.

The real news told about a witchdoctor and two henchmans/apperentices/whatever that tricking people by saying those henchmans get multiplied money from the witchdoctor. Afterward, eight people trust what they said and give out money and even cars to the witchdoctor. Instead just take their money and escaping from the village, after a few days the witchdoctor asked every of his victims to dig a hole, circling it, and drank a bottle which contains poison. After that the witchdoctor bury them.
Around ten days ago, some of the victims' families began to call police and they capture the witchdoctor's apperentices (which told them about how the victims get killed)and found two holes with 5 and 3 corpses inside.
The witchdoctor himself are escaping and still not founded.

Better weeping because differencies than locked behind a smilling mask. I am an artisan, I colors myself using the colors of my heart.

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