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Jokes: Can you answer these riddles? superhero 2006-09-06
1. A bear goes for a walk. He walks ten miles south, ten miles east and ten miles north, returning to his starting point. What color is the bear?

2. Mr. Jones tells everyone that he is the brother of a famous scientist. However, Mr. Jones doesn't have a brother. Even so, he is telling the truth. How is this possible?

3. A bus driver went down a street and passed a stop sign without stopping.
He turned left where there was a no left turn sign. Then he went the wrong way on a one way street. Yet, he didn't break a single traffic law. Why not?

4. Mr. Miller was lonely and decided to buy a bird for company. He went to a pet store. The owner showed him a beautiful parrot. "This bird will repeat any word it hears," said the owner. Mr. Miller was very excited and he bought the bird. When he got it home, he talked to it, but the bird never said a word. He took the bird back to the pet store. "You lied to me," Mr. Miller told the owner. "No, I didn't," answered the owner. The owner was telling the truth. How is this possible?

5. Two fathers and two sons went fishing. Each of them caught one fish. However, the total number of fish was only three. How is this possible?

6. John walked downtown in one hour and fifteen minutes.

Coming back to his house he didn't walk any faster and he didn't take any shortcuts, but it only took him seventy-five minutes. How is this possible?

1. White, because the situation can only happen in the North Pole. See http://www.jimloy.com/puzz/bear0.htm
2. The famous scientist is Mr. Jones' sister... so he is a brother of a famous scientist but he has no brother, he has only one sister.
3. Because it is the bus driver who went down the street and break all the traffic laws and not the bus. He is only a person taking a walk.
4. The bird is deaf.
5. The 2 fathers and 2 sons are a grandfather, a father and a son… 3 people caught 3 fish, each caught one.
6. One hour and fifteen minutes is exactly the same as 75 minutes


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