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Best Spots for Ent Hiding Place superhero 2006-08-02

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Best Spots for Ent Hiding Place (superhero)

  • superhero, Gak jg, rasanya yg di peta udah ampir ke cover semuanya. Terlalu simple, either dari awal udah dibakar duluan, atau kena reveal. Yg disini sisa2 spot yg jarang direveal atau dicari orang.
  • MimiHitam, buat endok ada jutaan kk ^_^ tmpt yg simple ada. perna main ampe selse ga ketauan ^_^
  • superhero, Hey, buat yg kasih ide, kalo bisa kirim screen shot ke email gua. Kalo bagus, nanti gua masukin ke web. Thx yg udah berusaha jelasin pake kata-kata.
  • Grandcoast, hey where`s my golden place in the 11 o clok near the center of the map???the historical place but if the cop is smart enough they will burn the spot to asses in the early game and the 6 o`clok hidding spot where you cath me in the one last minutes...the place that cover by shadow tree lol
  • sakukurata, hm.... i have 1 hiding spot though.... it's in the forest around the high place in center 11 o'clock..... U only need to make micePath do made it easyly :)
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Huhuhu... If i'm not mistaken... u hav forgotten 1 of cel's hiding spots.... Alah bhs inggris cape deh.... yg jelas gmn dg tempat endoq di arah jam 7.30? jam 8 kurang dikid... ada tempat hiding spot yg... bagus banget... gara2 temen ent yg lari ke situ aja jadi gagal...itu di deket tengah... entar deh kalo bisa gw kirimin scr.shotnya... ato tanya ama cel
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Dat's rite... the more dangerous they are.. the more safe they will be (2 other readers who don't understand==> coz the plice will be more sure that the ents will not hide there as they are risky.. And that's is our advantage ^ ^) Nah tapi yg jam 11 rasanya dah wajib di reveal...tapi kadang2 ada polisi yg ga mo buang waktu... cuma masang sentry... and the chance is that u'll be save 'till u win....
    I know they're the best spots... coz nothin' here is not good!!!
  • superhero, You are right, Shurt. They are not the best spots. However, all the 40 places, i guess, are the most possible places to hide. Rasanya gak ada tmp laen that i missed yg bisa jadi gud place for hiding. And utk no 6, 10, 11, ada lho yg ngumpet disitu, including Cel jg pernah. Sometimes, the most dangerous place can be the last place to look for.
  • ShurTuGal_xXx, Horra num 1!!! <<< swt

    hero i want 2 ask u bout the hiding place for number 6,10,11... the places are good... for lesser COP,...which i think u dont need hiding,... I think, but it's only my opinion, that that places are likely to be revealed by the cop or put a sentry ward and then destroy the trees... which only sheer luck can help us... BUT if after the cop, either misses seeing the ent or burning the trees, they ARE good hiding place....

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