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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is tree tag?
A: Tree tag is a map played in warcraft game. There are 2 teams, ent and infernal. If you are an ent, you have to run away from the different infernals and survive for 30 minutes. But if you are an infernal, you have to burn all the ents before the time limit is up.

Q: What is T2GM?
A: Its the name of a clan in Bnet Indogamers Server who occasionally plays tree tag, which make us the best players in tree tag. T2GM stands for Tree Tag Grand Master.

Q: Is there any other clan who plays tree tag?
A: Yes, there are TAGM (Tag Maniac) and also TGM (The Grand Master). T2GM originated from TAGM, and so does TGM originated from T2GM. Although the 3 clans are associated one another, each is an independent clan now and has its own rules and policies. Since many will join tree tag clan, there's no doubt that there will be more tree tag clan in the future as one clan can only has not more than 50 members.

Q: Is Luisa a girl or a hode (a boy pretending as a girl)?
A: To those who don't know, Luisa is the current chieftain, ever since i stepped down. Yes, she's a girl. 110% guarantee. The prettiest girl in our clan, if i might add ^,..,^

Q: What does it take to become a shaman in clan T2GM?
A: Well, if you asked me, then i would challenge you to by1 dota, and give shaman title to whomever that can defeat me. Unfortunately, now it is up to the current chieftain. So be online often, spend much time at the clan channel, get yourself recognized by the chieftain, i guess you will become shaman in no time.

Q: How long does it take to become master in tree tag?
A: Read on the strategy guide section and watch lots of replay, you will become master in no time, if you are smart enough ^_^

Q: What is Spy? What is MH?
A: Spy is the situation when an ent give up the location of their fellow commerates to the infernal so it make the infernal easy to locate and kill the ent. MH (Map Hack) is a map without fog of war, which means you can locate every ents in your map with your bare eyes.

Q: Does MH exist? Have anyone in clan T2GM ever use one?
A: Unfortunately, the world is not a safe place and it is definitely not a perfect one either. Although we enforce the rule of not having a member who cheats during the game, there is no control over it as our clan member grow large. I would encourage every member not to use cheat. If you just follow what i taught you in the strategy guide section, i don't think you will ever need MH or SPY.

Q: How do i contact T2GM? How do i join clan T2GM?
A: If you are in Bnet Indogamers Server, just type: /join clan T2GM, you will be prompted to our clan channel. If you like to join our clan, you can go to our clan channel and ask a shaman to add you to our clan. Only for Rp 1.000.000,-/week, you will become our special guest of honour. Wkwkwkwk.....just kidding, our membership is free, although you have to be a master in tree tag if you wanna join. Again...don't take it seriously, you fool.

If you have any suggestions, critics or compliments, replays, news/articles, strategy guides, maps to add in our clan website, please email us at hendra.soesanto@gmail.com.

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